About the Owner

About the Owner

Jesse Csincsak is a man of many talents: businessman, professional sportsman, reality TV alum, and committed family man.

Business exploits

Incorporating his experience of construction and working as an electrician for ten years, Jesse started up Colorado Home Check in 2012. The business specializes in the management and security of vacant/rented properties, ensuring everything is kept in order for owners of the property.

The business specifically targets property owners that live afar; those who want to rent or ensure everything with their property is safe and secure. On-site rental details are handled and carried out by Colorado Home Check, while all maintenance and home care issues are also covered by the company. Communication is the key to the business functioning to its full potential, where emailed reports and photos allow customers to manage their property comfortably from their computer. The business covers a variety of areas in the state of Colorado, and continues to expand its portfolio of properties.

As well as Colorado Home Check, Jesse previously began JSAK Snowboarding Inc. The non-profit corporation, which was founded in 2001, helps aspiring snowboarders continue with their careers, offering financial support and guidance when needed. Jesse continues to support the scheme, hoping to help talented youngsters achieve their Olympic ambitions.

Other vested commercial interests for Jesse includes Cashmere and Coco, a three-chain boutique store in the Colorado area that he co-owns with his wife.

The Bachelorette

Jesse entered the mainstream consciousness thanks to his participation in the reality television series, The Bachelorette. Watched by over 12 million people on national TV in 2008, Jesse was selected as the winner of the show. His success in the fourth season of The Bachelorette opened the door to many other opportunities.


To extreme sports enthusiasts, however, Jesse is best known for his snowboarding exploits. Beginning at the age of 12 as a prodigious talent, he rose to professional status and ranked in a number of tournaments between 2006 and 2007. Although he has now retired from competing professionally, his JSAK Snowboarding Corporation, TV hosting gig for the 2010 Winter Olympics and acting as a mentor on the show MTV Made have further elevated his status in the snowboarding world.

Jesse and his wife, Ann Csincsak, have two children, Noah Theodore born in 2011 and Charlotte Jeanne born in 2014.

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